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At ADISA we offer a range of Natural and Healthy Food; that is produced from natural methods with no chemicals, hormones or any kind of artificial influence.

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From: 2,250.00
₹2,250.00 / 1 Liter for 15 days
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organic farm

FOOD is Health, Food is life

To sustain Humanity Food should be sustainable…
So Sustainable Agriculture SA We are ADISA—
Beginning of sustainable agriculture.

We have provided - Diśā ...

The Direction & desire for healthy food

We at ADISA have provided a direction or DISA (in Sanskrit) with a desire of providing healthy and natural food through sustainable farming practices that are eco friendly and in tandem with the nature.


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What Our Customers Say

RAMANA Happy Customer

"There is a lot of buzz about healthy food. But Adisa farms actually helped me experience it. Trust worthy believable people offering really good healthy products."

SRAVYA Happy Customer

"I ordered milk, I really could make out the difference that they have mentioned, and much more. You have to experience this, to know exactly what natural products they offer are. Milk, meat are all of best quality."

Rakkki Happy Customer

"Referred by my friend I first ordered Honey, it was just amazing to know what real honey is like and the taste was just wonderful. Now I have a lot of products in my daily diet from Adisa Farms… thank you."

Why Adisafarms.com

At Adisa farms the complete working farming culture revolves around one pivotal philosophy that the nature is sustainable and self-sufficient, hence any activity that we do in our farming revolves around sustainability, Self-sufficiency and nature.

The adherent basics of our farming are that we do not use any artificial means of boosting production or influence production cycles. At Adisa farms we do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormonal inputs, or any other forms of inputs which deviate the natural growth cycle of produce.

We Use Only environmentally friendly materials

Adisa follows the concepts of being pure, natural, chemical free, no artificial and sustainable not only in the products that we produce the food that we grow but also in the way we package our products. Adisa follows a strict no plastic, no environmentally harmful material policy. Adisa even in its packaging tries to use completely natural and environmentally friendly materials.

At Adisa we follow reduce, reuse, recycle concept to the core. Our milk is packed in reusable glass bottles, instead of highly environmentally damaging plastic bags which make it to the landfill or oceans. Our Honey and ghee are also packaged in glass bottles which again are reused.


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About Adisafarms.com

ADISA Farms is a new generation social entrepreneurial venture, with a clear objective of developing sustainable eco-system and clean living. ADISA is a result of a long research based learning of the nature’s balanced eco-system, and a determined self-conscious initiative to imbibe these traits in our farming and cultivation methodologies.

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