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Refund, Cancellation and Shipping Policies

Adisa Farms executes different refund rules for different situations. Here are a few listed

  • There are different refund rules for different situations

1. You boiled the milk on receiving it and it got spoilt :

The refund will be processed only if the customer reports the issue on the same day within 1 hour of delivery time. At Adisa Farms, we test the Milk before  shipping  it from the packaging unit.

We transport our Milk bottles in insulated ice packed boxes to your house. Once you receive the milk, it is your responsibility to immediately boil it and refrigerate at 2 degree Celsius.

2.  You paid for a subscription and before the end of that billing cycle, you have decided to cancel the subscription :

Adisa milk subscriptions can only be canceled post the initial 7 day trial period. Refunds will be calculated and issued on a pro-rate basis.

*Adisa 7 day milk trial packs cannot be canceled once purchased.

3. You would like to pause your subscription for a few days due to travel/ some other reason:

Your delivery will be paused for the scheduled time as per the instructions given on  the website/app/whatsapp to customer service number . Delivery of the products will begin once you restart your  Delivery request on the app/website/whatsapp to customer service number.

Request for delivery pause at least 24 hours in advance through website/app/whatsapp to customer service number.

4. You have informed the delivery executive that you’d like to pause your  subscription, but milk was still delivered the next day:

Refunds are not offered in this case because oral instructions are not valid. To pause your subscription, log into your account and give pause instructions or send written information via whats app. Whats app messages needs to be responded by Adisa Farms team to confirm the receipt of request.

5. We have not delivered milk to you due to reasons like storm, flood, road strikes, milk spoilage, accidents, national holidays, etc :

The products that could not be delivered, will be rescheduled for delivery.

6. None were available at home to collect the milk at time of delivery without you having paused the subscription by logging into the website :

No refund is offered in this case.

7. You have received a different quantity/ a different milk than what you have ordered :

If a product of lower value is delivered instead of the product you ordered, the balance will be refunded. However, you must report the issue within 6 hours from  the time of delivery.

8. You cannot cancel the order and demand a refund once an order is successfully placed and processed by the payment gateway.

The products that could not be delivered, will be rescheduled for delivery.

9. Package refused by recipient

No refund is offered if the recipient refuses to take the delivery.

Refund requests will only be considered

  • If the buyer does not get the delivery of the ordered products within 5 days.
  • The refund process will start from the 6th day of the order and it will take a minimum of 7 days thereafter. The refund will be processed through the same payment method through which payment was received.
  • If Adisa Farms fails to deliver the ordered products.

Returns Policy

  • No Returns will be entertained if a customer wants to return the product saying he/she didn’t like the product after it was delivered or feels the product didn’t match the expectations.
  • All emails in this regard are to be sent to  [email protected]

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